Primary Instructor

American Madness

Stanford University. Survey of nineteenth-century American literature through the lens of historical models of mental illness. View course details.


Who’s Who, and Who Gets to Decide? Writing About Identity

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies Program. Expository writing course for gifted high schoolers. View syllabus.


The Neuronovel

Stanford University. Writing-intensive seminar in English for advanced undergraduate majors. Focus on twentieth- and twenty-first-century criticism, particularly narratology and neuroaesthetics. View syllabus.


Writing for the Humanities: Here We Go Again

City College of New York. Introductory writing course for humanities majors examining iterative narratives across the Western literary tradition. View syllabus.


Program in Writing and Rhetoric: Rhetoric of Robots

 Stanford University. Introductory composition course required for all freshmen. Course explored the role of language in humanizing machines and mechanizing humans while instilling basic elements of college-level analytic writing and research. View syllabus.